What we do and how we do

WELCOME to your private COOK


Tired of the usual restaurant? Try the home Cook!

What we do?

We come to your house, we purchase the necessary, we cook, we prepare, we serve, we clean all and we make you to be well.

The menus of Maurizio are almost exclusively follow the rhythm of the seasons and they are done with pure passion.

We are of base in London, but we move round in England.


Our word of order is: pleasure.

We will become at your home for the day of your event.


We will engage there and we by what’s we need for the preparation, of cooking.

We arrange the service to the table and we take care of our customers.

Never frozen food, absolute passion for our activity,

the home cook is not a job but a passion that they helps us to live better.


Let’s do only what we like to do!

If you need an any information write us, we will be pleased immediately to answer you.



 The restaurant come to your House!

Courses of Italian kitchen


We organize courses of kitchen in your home.


Examples of courses:

I ” raced to weekly lilt for residents

Single ” lessons for groups (Italian or foreigners)

Brief ” lessons of Italian cuisine (3-4 hours)

Fresh ” pasta (2-3 hours)

Private intensive ” lessons on application in Italian, English


Prices beginning from € 90 the time.

Now know what to give! A home chef, a conceives original for impassioned of Italian specialities, a special evening for special people…

An original gift to be tasted, created with the desire to surprise to take a gastronomic trip in the tastes and in the traditions of the Italian culture.



Tasting 5 courses + dessert  

€ 50,00 for each person  


Tasting 7 courses + dessert with combined wine 

€ 70,00 for each person 


Tasting 12 courses + dessert with tasting of wines 

€ 100,00 for each person 





We prepare our dishes with natural ingredients

Nothing of manufactured, nothing frozen.

The use of the refrigerator reduced to the least terms.